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WASH contribution in saving lives of severely acute malnourished children in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

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Titre : WASH contribution in saving lives of severely acute malnourished children in Burkina Faso

Pays /Région : Burkina Faso

Code projet : BFA-16/WS/85917

Durée : Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

Objectifs  : To support the nutritional response to 12,000 severely acute malnourished children under five and their mothers (12000) in Burkina Faso through the provision of water supply and sanitation facilities, as well as the promotion of good hygiene practices in Nutrition Rehabilitation Units (NRUs).

As the sector leader in WASH and Nutrition, UNICEF will bring together all sector partners in order to ensure the country level coordination of WASH interventions in nutrition rehabilitation facilities, the development of WASH response plans specific to nutrition, systematic and transparent information management, and the development of standards. Following are main activities which will be implemented through this project : 1. UNICEF will supply sufficient, safe drinking water, dignified sanitation facilities and hygiene items in 10 health facilities impacted by the nutritional crisis. Safe water points will be constructed and/or repaired in health centers implementing nutrition rehabilitation services. Latrines will be gender segregated Activities or outputs 2. Family water and WASHinNut kits, including jerry cans, soap, and water purification tablets, will be distributed to caretakers and their children as they leave the nutrition rehabilitation unit, allowing them to continue to use safe water and implement good hygiene practices at home. Trainings and orientations on household (specially targeting mother) water treatment and storage will be provided to the caretakers prior to the distribution of family water and hygiene kits. 3. Gender sensitive sanitation facilities will be constructed at each targeted health center in respect with the minimum standards (SPHERE) and hygiene promotion activities will be conducted on key hygienic behaviors, including the use of latrines and hand washing with soap. Hand washing devices and soap will be installed in the latrine areas, to provide an opportunity to the beneficiaries to implement hand washing after using the toilets. 4. Water point management committees (50% women) will be trained and equipped with basic tools. The project will also strengthen the capacity of the partners in the area of WASH in Nutrition. In line with the strategies outlined in the 2016 Burkina Faso Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP 2016), the key outcome of this project are linked to the provision of safe drinking water, dignified sanitation facilities and hygiene sensitization to 10 health centers implementing nutrition rehabilitation services, according to the following standard : 1. Safe drinking water [At least one water point for the Nutrition rehabilitation Unit] 2. Secure and gender friendly sanitation [1 gender sensitive latrine per 20 patients] ; 3. Hygiene kit [250g soap/p/m, 1 bucket, jerry cans, etc.] ; 4. Promotion on key hygiene behaviors [hand washing with soap and latrine use]

Appealing Agency : United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
Mise en oeuvre : UNICEF,MoH,APS and others

Budget : $337,000

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