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Support to the Sustainable Return and Reintegration of IDPs in Mali


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Titre : Support to the Sustainable Return and Reintegration of IDPs in Mali

Pays /Région : Mali

Code projet : MLI-17/ER/100414

Durée : Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

Objectifs  : - To provide income generating activities to IDPs, returnees and vulnerable members of the host community. - To strength the social cohesion among communities with high number of IDPs and returnees. - To support integration of the IDPs, returnees in their host community.

In order to ensure the sustainability of returns, the initiative will provide IGAs to IDPs, returnees as well as vulnerable households in communities of return. IOM will first conduct a socio economic profiling of returnee households and vulnerable households in the communities of return to identify their skills, education, assets, and the type of livelihoods activity they would like to pursue. IOM will equally undertake a local labor market and private sector assessment to identify key services and goods on demand in the area. Based on the findings, IOM will design tailored and sustainable IGAs for each beneficiary household, taking into account the different needs of men and women. With high youth unemployment, a flourishing of illicit trade and the risk of youth radicalization in Northern Mali, special attention will be given to youth employment to provide them with alternative licit activities. Activities will also benefit vulnerable women as given priority. Social cohesion events In order to mitigate potential tension that may arise between the hosting communities and the returnees, the project will propose activities to support social cohesion and strengthen ties between returnees and host communities (such as sports matches, drama, radio spots, awareness campaigns raising, etc.) Given that Mali is emerging from a recent crisis, host communities are also facing challenges in receiving new members within their communities. Each host community will identify and implement 1 priority development project in their area, ensuring the participation of men, women, returnees and host communities. Through a participatory approach and the implementation of an initiative benefiting the whole community, the project will build cohesion between the returnees and their host communities. A formal and regulated channel will be created for the provision of regular supply. In coordination with the WASH cluster and the local administration authority, advocacy activities will be carried out to supply spare parts of major WASH system breakdown reported from the field. Additional water points will be constructed and/or rehabilitated in areas with a high number of IDPs and returnees to avoid pressure on the existing structures and therefore minimizing risks of conflict.

Appealing Agency : International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Budget : $2,330,000

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