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Multi-sectoral Rapid Response (NFI, FOOD) in Timbuctu, Gao and Mopti regions (Mali)


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Titre : Multi-sectoral Rapid Response (NFI, FOOD) in Timbuctu, Gao and Mopti regions (Mali)

Pays /Région : Mali

Code projet : MLI-17/CSS/101928

Durée : Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

Objectif (s)  : Contributing to the reduction of mortality and morbidity by improving the living conditions of people in acute situations of vulnerability due to population movement related to the armed conflict or following natural disasters

Establishment of a humanitarian monitoring system The project will support a system of alert monitoring. This warning system is designed to allow fast, reliable information to rise immediate action in case of a sudden crisis. The warning system will combine multiple information channels. On the one hand the system will provide a direct link with the clusters in particular the protection cluster and OCHA, existing government warning and local coordination mechanisms such as the GIAC to ensure a rapid transfer of the information already collected by humanitarian partners. On the other hand, the project will strengthen its existing network of 60 focal points within the basic service facilities and among community leaders and representatives of local actors. The action will have a double objective : ensuring a short time between the warning and needs assessment ; and enhance the geographical coverage of information to provide a response in remote areas often marginalized. NRC staff ensure regular contact with all sources. In the project framework a weekly telephone contact will be made to ensure the functionality of the system even in the absence of crisis. Further contacts will place immediately after a crisis in order to confirm the information and gather general background information. Each alert will be listed in a monitoring matrix. NRC will monitor the number of alerts received by the system within 72 hours after the crisis. NRC also continue to support and training to state crises committees at the circles under the MOUs established with DRDSES in 2016. - Multisectoral Evaluations in areas affected by conflict or natural disaster Following an alert NRC will conduct an evaluation of the multi-sectoral needs if no player is present on site ; the area accessible ; and that the crisis affects at least 100 households (adaptable to the context). The evaluation will focus on three core project areas : access to water ; food security and essential household items. For each sector a key indicator will be measured. If the result is above the emergency threshold, an intervention is recommended. …

Appealing Agency : Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Budget : $665,000

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