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Danida - Agence danoise pour le développement international (2021)


Resilience Climate Change Burkina Ghana

Danida - Agence danoise pour le développement international


Pays : Burkiina Faso ; Ghana

Code projet : 20-13-TAN

Période d’exécution : Start date : 1 April, 2021 // End date : 31 March, 2026

The project ‘Climate Change Resilience of Ecosystem Services (CRES)’ aims to increase foodand income diversity and climate change resilience of agricultural systems in West Africa. The focus is on six highly important, native multipurpose trees (Adansonia digitata, Bombax costatum, Sclerocarya birrea, Lannea spp, Ziziphus mauritiana and Parkia biglobosa). These species are traditionally used and have potentials to improve livelihoods of rural and urban communities. CRES will focus on the full value-chain which includes 1) to find the best varieties of these six species for domestication, production and adaptation to climate change, 2) to establish tree planting with carbon certification and selling of socially responsible carbon credits via Plan Vivo, 3) to find new potentials of products from these six tree species for local use and for industry based on analysis of chemical content and properties, 4) to empower local women and youth in rural and urban settings via support to produce new and value-added products, 5) to strengthen existing and new market linkages and diversify rural and urban income through innovative product marketing, 6) to disseminate widely and improve policies on sustainability and climate change resilience and 7) to build capacity at university level and collaboration among three African universities. The project has nine partners : four universitiesand five private companies. The partners compose a team with strong fieldwork and laboratory experience and knowledge in ecology, economy, food sciences and gender/youth aspects as well as production in close collaboration with local women groups. One partner is specialized in video production and dissemination, as it is a main focus to disseminate results at all levels : local communities, the public, scientific communities, policy makers and national institutions.

Institutions participantes
Leader : University of Development Studies (UDS), Ghana
Partenaires : University Joseph KI-Zerbo (UJKZ), Burkina Faso Association Ragussi (ARAG), Burkina Faso University Norbert Zongo (UNZ), Burkina Faso Savannah Fruit Company (SFC), Ghana Organisation for Indigenous Initiative and Sustainability Ghana (ORGIIS-GHANA), Ghana B4Trees Aps (B4T), Denmark Stjernekommunikation (STJK), Denmark Aarhus University (AU), Denmark

Financement : 11,999,402 DKK

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