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Rainwater harvesting from roads for indigenous pasture production & improved rural livelihoods in Kenya (ROFIP)

Rainwater Harvesting Roads Pasture Kenya

Titre :

Pays : Kenya

Durée : 01 July 2017 to 30 June 2020

The objectives of this research are to determine : * The potential of rainwater harvesting using roads for improved pasture establishment and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems in semi-arid Kenya. * The contribution of established pastures on increased livestock production (e.g. milk yields, weight gain). * The economic viability of combining the two sustainable land management practices i.e. reseeding and rainwater harvesting for grassland productivity. * A viable business model to scale up production and a commercialisation line for fodder and seeds.

This project “Rainwater harvesting from Roads For Indigenous Pasture production and improved rural livelihoods in semi-arid Kitui, Kenya” aims to integrate sustainable land management strategies notably rainwater harvesting, soil conservation and grass reseeding for increased pasture production and rehabilitation of degraded drylands. The project team envisages that increased pasture production will generate additional income (farming as a business) and improve livelihoods through sale of surplus milk, hay and grass seeds. Increased milk production as a result of increased and reliable source of feed will contribute to improved human nutrition status.

Methods of this project include : establishment of experimental plots ; monitoring of livestock growth, health and productivity ; cost-benefit analysis ; and scoping scale up and business opportunity.

Partenaires  : Rise Against Poverty Worldwide-Kenya Kenya MetaMeta Research The Netherlands South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) Kenya

Présentation : Food & Business Knowledge Platform

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