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Food & Business Knowledge Platform (2015)

Women Food Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso – WFE

Women Food Entrepreneurs

Titre : Women Food Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso – WFE

Pays : Kenya Burkina Faso

Durée : November 01, 2015 – October 14, 2019

Boosting women’s production, processing and trading of quality foods in Africa’s growing cities can improve food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations. This inter- and trans-disciplinary project examines opportunities and constraints, field-tests innovative food production and processing methods, and designs inclusive business models for women food entrepreneurs.

The project WFE aims to strengthen women’s food entrepreneurship in city slums in Kenya & Burkina Faso, by building inclusive business models for food security. based on an integrated understanding of the complex interactions between soil quality, food production and quality and nutrition for vulnerable groups.

The project has a transdisciplinary team of social and natural scientists, Dutch, Kenyan and Burkinabé entrepreneurs, government and civil society actors, and community-based women groups. Through a comparative analysis between Kisumu and Ouagadougou, this project address the constraints faced by women as : (i) food producers in (peri-)urban gardens ; (ii) food processors ; and (iii) food marketeers, within diversified physical, environmental, social and policy contexts. The project (a) co-designs and field-tests hybrid food production and processing technologies ; and (b) enhance and promote women’s business knowledge and skills through inclusive business models.

Partenaires  : Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam The Netherlands Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam The Netherlands Centre for African Bio-Entrepreneurship - CABE Kenya Victoria Institute for Research on Environment and Development - VIRED Kenya Études Actions Conseils (Burkina Faso) Institute of Soil Science and Site Ecology, Technische Universität Dresden Germany Royal Tropical Institute - KIT The Netherlands Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé Burkina Faso Agro, Food and Technology Centre - NAFTC Africa The Netherlands BodemBergsma The Netherlands

Présentation : Food & Business Knowledge Platform

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