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Project for Integrated Water Supply in Bughuta


Titre : Project for Integrated Water Supply in Bughuta

This project was aimed at addressing acute water scarcity in Bughuta Sub Location, Kasighau Ward, Voi Sub County.

Pays /Région : Kenya
Localisation : Bughuta

Durée : April 2011 to March 2012 ;

The initial plan was to supply water from the Makwasinyi spring where water was to be piped upto Buguta Market. However, after the Makwasinyi community refused to allow the project to draw water from its source, MAZIDO/CDA begun exploring other options. Already, the project had procured pipes worth KShs. 3,600,592.35 which were at the time lying unused and exposed to atmospheric elements at the Buguta AP lines
The project was intended to be implemented from April 2011 to March 2012 ; with time ticking, MAZIDO and CDA desperately sought for an alternative. Atlast, TAVEVO announced that it had revived the Maungu-Buguta line and this presented us an opportunity to redesign the water supply to fit in the new scheme. Following discussions between MAZIDO and TAVEVO, it was finally decided to approach the GGP with a request for change of plan. The request for change of plan was finally made in June 2012. Following the request of change of Plan, and under direction from GGP, a new survey was commissioned and undertaken by TAVEVO surveyors. After lengthy deliberations, the request for change got approval in October 2012 and MAZIDO submitted a request for extension to March 2013 which was eventually approved. There were challenges associated with community with regard to slow trenching which initially slowed down the project. However, after much effort by MAZIDO and the various water committees, trench digging was eventually completed in May 2013. Pipe laying was eventually completed in June 2013. Testing of the GGP funded pipeline has still not been done thereby delaying the handing over of the project by the Embassy of Japan.

* Rehabilitaion of Shashaghonyi water tank and repair of two water Kiosks. * Construction of the Bughuta Market water Kiosk. * Construction of a 17 Km long water pipeline distribution network serving six villages. * Construction of 2 cattle troughs.

Budget : supported by the Embassy of Japan


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