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Forests for a Resilient Future (Mali)


Titre : Forests for a Resilient Future (Mali)

Pays : Mali

Date : 2019 -2022

Program : Climate Resilient Development

Increased levels of conflict coupled with environmental impacts from climate change have disrupted food security and harmed livelihoods in Mali. Erosion, drought, illegal exploitation, and low levels of rainfall have all contributed to deforestation in the country, and it has especially impacted those living in rural areas who rely on agriculture to support themselves.

Forests for a Resilient Future is improving forest cover in target areas by planting vegetation, improving land through assisted natural regeneration, forming protection brigades to help prevent forest losses, and training local actors on best practices. The project will cover six localities of Mopti and involve 2,445 local persons in the process of forest protection, including local authorities and technical service providers. The project is expected to benefit more than 40,000 people.

Porteur projet : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Primary Donors : European Union

Near East Foundation (NEF)

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