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Empowering Civil Society (Jordan)


Titre : Empowering Civil Society (Jordan)

Pays : Jordan

Date : Project Duration : 2019 – 2020

Program : Inclusive Economic Development

In the last decade, millions of people have been displaced due to conflict in Syria, and many have sought refuge in neighboring Jordan. Unemployment is a major challenge facing both refugees and Jordanians, as employment opportunities are limited and work permits can be difficult to obtain. More than 85% of Syrian refugees live under the Jordanian poverty line, and without savings or resources, many refugee households in Jordan turn to emergency coping strategies that may include child labor, early marriage, or withdrawing children from formal education. This poverty especially impacts women and girls.

Funded by the Open Society Foundations, this project aims to reduce highly vulnerable refugees’ and Jordanians’ vulnerability to social protection risks and increase their knowledge, social, and productive capital. It empowers civil society to deliver training that builds vocational and entrepreneurship skills, life skills, financial literacy, productive asset protection and development, group support, and savings for more than 1,000 Syrian refugees and highly vulnerable Jordanians.

Porteur projet : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Primary Donors : Open Society Foundations

Near East Foundation (NEF)

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