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Tiny Worms Save the Soil Kenya


Titre : Tiny Worms Save the Soil Kenya

Pays  : Kenya

Date/Durée : Jan 2020 — June 2023

Projet ID : KEN 1179-19

Across three regions in the far west of Kenya, soil depletion is resulting in ever-poorer harvests, while population pressures reduce the arable land available. This project aims to thoroughly protect the heavily exploited farmland. Soil-protection and anti-erosion measures will be implemented as soon as possible because maize harvests, in particular, are barely sufficient to feed the people. Many small farming operations are also receiving training in using worms to turn their livestock’s dung into compost for use in their fields.

Institutional donors  : GIZ

Project Budget 2021 : € 672,191
Overall project budget : € 2,380,980

Présentation : Welthungerhilfe

Page publiée le 10 octobre 2021