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A Proper School at Last Kenya


Titre : A Proper School at Last Kenya

Pays  : Kenya

Date/Durée : Nov 2020 — Dec 2021

Projet ID : KEN 1201-20

This ramshackle school in south-eastern Kenya sees fewer students every year. It has only 4 makeshift classrooms, no toilets, and, in the dry season, the pupils even need to bring along their own water to drink. Their impoverished parents do not want to pay fees to such a school. Welthungerhilfe is now renovating the existing classrooms and constructing 4 new ones as well as a water tank, a kitchen, and latrines. In addition to fortifying school meals with vitamins, a new vegetable garden will also provide children with skills and knowledge that they can take back with them to share at home.

Project Budget 2021 : € 185,940
Overall project budget : € 221,840

Présentation : Welthungerhilfe

Page publiée le 6 octobre 2021