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Université des Frères Mentouri (Constantine 1) 2019

Protection des milieux naturels contre l’érosion hydrique

طويل, صباح

Titre : Protection des milieux naturels contre l’érosion hydrique

حماية الأوساط الطبيعية ضد التعرية المائية

Auteur : طويل, صباح

Université de soutenance : Université des Frères Mentouri (Constantine 1)

Grade : Doctorat (Aménagement du territoire) 2019

Résumé _The coastal basins and the basins of the Saharan Atlas form very sensitive environments for the danger of water erosion because of the interaction of a certain number of natural and human factors, namely : the climate, the topography,the hydrographique network, lithology, vegetation cover, fires, human pressure due to the continuous increase of the population, the evolution of rural activity to the detriment of permanent vegetation, unregulated and traditional agricultural xploitation ... .. ... etc.The specific solid transport values express the accelerated degradation of these media and allow a prediction of the amount of fertile soil lost, especially during the flood periods. This requires urgent intervention in these environments that are subject to immense and irrational human intervention, by properly exploiting them and maintaining them through the application of a strict management over time in order to protect their lands, to diminish siltation of its dams, and to ensure the growing needs of food and water by improving agricultural techniques applied to the soil. And by promoting the planting of fire-resistant forest plant species, and the protection of the forest heritage by conserving both its soil and soil resources, and putting strict penalties on forest users through clearing and overgrazing.


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