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DE.DU.ENER.T. Sustainable development in territorial energy production

Méditerranée (Tunisie-Sicile)

Titre : DE.DU.ENER.T. Sustainable development in territorial energy production

Région/Pays : Méditerranée (Tunisie-Sicile)

Date/ Durée : 2013-2015

The overall objective is to develop a common strategy for the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency, strengthening cooperation platform between the two countries, Italy and Tunisia. In order to implement the use of sustainable energy microsystems, thanks to advanced technology capable of generating and storing more energy from renewable sources, the project involves the development and the creation of 2 devices of sustainable energy microsystems (1 in Tunisia and 1 in Valderice) to generate and store electricity from various renewable sources (solar thermal, photovoltaic, mini-wind) and storage systems (hydrogen, battery-traditional and innovative).

Résultats attendus
The aim of the project is to ensure the supply of energy to the communities located in remote locations (e.g., farms and small islands) ; at the same time, to support the sustainable development of environment through the introduction of technological applications of high performance and intelligent use of energy in the areas of business, tourism, residential (public and private). Moreover, the project wants to push local decision makers to introduce and develop the "smart grid" (network Smart-Desertec project) for the production and distribution of energy between the two areas concerned (Tunisia-Sicily) and to support local producers to improve energy efficiency through the application of best practices for energy efficiency and the introduction of concept of network-based intelligent local distribution of technical energy production. The project aims also to provide technical expertise and business to decision-makers and practitioners, as part of the new integrated technologies, which can be used in the field of energy.

Lead Partner : Comune di Valderice
Centre des Recherches et des Technologies de l’Energie Technopole Borj Cedria
Provincia Regionale di Trapani
Consorzio universitario della Provincia di Trapani

Budget total : EUR 733 948.00
Financement EU : EUR 660 528.17

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