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DASF - Artisans without borders (Tunisie-Sicile)

Méditerranée (Tunisie –Sicile)

Titre : DASF - Artisans without borders (Tunisie-Sicile)

Région/Pays : Méditerranée (Tunisie –Sicile)

Date/ Durée : 2013-2015

The establishment of a transnational artisan district that stimulates tourist activity by creating a Sicilian-Tunisian macro region, combining the enhancement of local crafts with the creation of tourist itineraries seasonally adjusted. A general innovative strategy aimed at guiding tourism interests to the handicraft production, focusing on the one hand on the growth and seasonal adjustment of tourism flows and, on the other hand, on the enhancement and growth of competitiveness of small local businesses.

Résultats attendus
The creation of a permanent network of craft enterprises that are able to articulate the paths of tourist interest seasonally adjusted both in Sicily and in Tunisia, able to ensure the structural and lasting links between Italian and Tunisian enterprises, in order to create a unified chain ; the realization of a telematics infrastructure capable of providing a flexible and immediately accessible network of communication and collaboration ; the increase in the volume of economic and commercial activity in the artisanal sector in all involved areas and a partial seasonal adjustment of tourist flows through links with the craft sector.

Lead Partner : CNA Associazione Provinciale di Ragusa
CNA Associazione Provinciale di Trapani
UTICA Ariana (Union Régionale de l’Industrie Du Commerce et De l’Artisanat De L’Ariana)
Office National de l’Artisanat Tunisie
Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Nord-Est Bizerte
CNA Associazione Provinciale di Agrigen

Budget total : EUR 744 000.17
Financement EU : EUR 668 935.20

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