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Méditerranée ( (Chypre, Italie, Egypte, Tunisie, Jordanie)


Région/Pays : Méditerranée ( (Chypre, Italie, Egypte, Tunisie, Jordanie)

Date/ Durée : 2011 -2014

Mediterranean water resources are extremely under stress, especially in the south and east shore. In Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia, water demand constantly increases, while water use efficiency can still be considered as limited. These are the two most critical factors regarding the sustainability of the most elementary earth resource : water. Under this concept, policies aiming at improving usage efficiency and at reduced losses and poor usage, are urgently needed. In this sense, AQUAKNIGHT project focuses on optimizing consumption and minimizing the Non-Revenue Water (water not metered or billed to consumers) through the implementation of five pilot projects in the cities of Limassol (Cyprus), Genoa (Italy), Alexandria (Egypt), Tunis (Tunisia) and Aqaba (Jordan).

Résultats attendus
• Application of international best practice to evaluate and control water losses in the selected pilot areas • Development of a manual of best practices for reducing commercial water losses in the water networks of the Mediterranean area • Increase of water utilities staff knowledge and capacity to reduce water losses with the consequent benefits in operational and financial terms • Wide dissemination of best practice to control and manage water losses and make sure that tools reach a wide group of stakeholders in the participating countries and in other Mediterranean countries

Lead Partner : Institute of Communication and Computer Systems Greece
Alexandria Water Company
SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A.
SignalGeneriX Ltd
Aqaba Water Company, W.L.L.
IRIDE ACQUA GAS SPA Research and Development Department
Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Application - University of Palermo

Budget total : EUR 1 999 129.00
Financement EU : EUR 1 799 216.00

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