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MedArtSal : sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas

Méditerranée (Espagne, Italie, Liban, Tunisie)

Titre : MedArtSal : sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas

Région/Pays : Méditerranée (Espagne, Italie, Liban, Tunisie)

Date/ Durée : 2019-2022

Today salinas across the Mediterranean are suffering from environmental pressures and economic stress. Their products face strong competition from cheaper land-produced salt and from the world trade. To stay viable, salinas are confronted with the choice of closing, industrializing the production or changing the business orientation towards sustainable tourism and new artisanal products. This third option is the idea behind MedArtSal. The project will define a sustainable and adaptable management model for artisanal salinas including, among others, a marketing strategic plan and a biodiversity strategy. With this aim, MedArtSal project addresses both salinas managers and institutional policy-makers. On the one hand, salinas managers will receive up-to-date training on how an artisanal salina should be managed in order to remain competitive, especially by diversifying products. On the other hand, institutional policy-makers will help build the management model which will be further tested in two artisanal salinas in Spain and Tunisia. Finally, a network of Artisanal Mediterranean Salinas will be created to capitalize the project results in the long run.

Résultats attendus
1 comprehensive mapping and analysis of the economic, environmental and regulatory state of artisanal salinas across the Mediterranean. 1 model for sustainable development of the artisanal salinas. 2 demonstration projects on the diversification of salinas products/services carried out in Spain (La Esperanza) and Tunisia (Sidi Al-Hani). 10 pilot actions for the development of new products/services in selected salinas. 1 strategic marketing plan for the promotion of salinas. 50 artisanal salinas involved in 2 MedArtSal fairs implemented in Tunisia and Lebanon. 1 network of Mediterranean artisanal salinas.

Lead Partner : University Consortium for Industrial and Managerial Economics
شركة سعيدة
Foundation pour la cote et la Mer Méditerranée
Universidad de Cádiz
Chambre Tuniso-Italienne de Commerce et d’Industrie
International Union for Conservation of Nature, Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation
جمعية إنماء القدرات في الريف
Fair Trade Lebanon

Budget total : EUR 3 299 001.13
Financement EU : EUR 2 969 101.02

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