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Forest Gardens, Mali, 2021-2023


Titre : Forest Gardens, Mali, 2021-2023

Pays /Région : Mali

Durée : 2021 -2023

Trees for the Future aims to alleviate small-scale farmers’ poverty and hunger by helping them revitalise land and plant trees. The organisation developed the forest garden approach by which a farmer develops an area of 0.5 hectare into an agroforestry area. It will help 500 farmers in Mali set up a forest garden over the next three years. The farmers will be given intensive training in cultivation, sustainable farming techniques and materials such as seeds and tools with which to grow plants. Each area will have a living fence installed, consisting of three rows of plants and tree s (2,000 in total) to protect livestock and prevent erosion. In this enclosure the farmers will plant another 1,000 fruit, nut and leafy trees, as well as food crops such as tomatoes, onions, cabbages and peppers. A total of 250 hectares of degraded land will become more productive and richer in biodiversity and 500 farming families’ incomes will be increased.

Porteur du projet : Trees for the Future

Financement : 2021 Forest Gardens, Mali, 2021-2023

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