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Expansion of the school mentorship programme, Niger, 2021-2023


Titre : Expansion of the school mentorship programme, Niger, 2021-2023

Pays /Région : Niger
Localisation : Agadez

Durée : 2021 -2023

RAIN has been working on sustainable water and food systems, women’s economic development and education in the Agadez region of Niger for nearly 20 years. The organisation has a local team with fourteen members from the region. Turing supported a RAIN female mentorship programme from 2017-2019 in which more children, especially girls, in 22 villages stayed at school and progressed to further education. The results have been positive. A total of 96% passed their primary school exams ; this is more than three times the national rate. Female enrolment for secondary schools increased by an impressive 62%. The mentors have started savings and loan groups with other women which are now operating well and independently. The women have gained income and prestige in their community. They will continue fulfilling their role as mentors after the project period. This project is expanding this successful mentorship programme, after much local demand, to 19 new villages in the Agadez region.

Porteur du projet : RAIN

Financement : The Turing Foundation is contributing € 60,000 towards this project (of which, € 20,000 in 2021).

Turing Foundation

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