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E-waste : Environmentally sound management of used and end products (Jordan)


Titre : E-waste : Environmentally sound management of used and end products (Jordan)

Pays : Jordanie

Durée : June 2013 — June 2015

Many developing countries and countries with economies in transition suffer from an informal or less-organized small-scale sector that collects used or dead computing equipment for the purposes of repair and re-sale. Many informal and untrained groups collect and recover materials such as copper, gold and plastics from electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) without realizing its negative health impacts on human and on the environment.

E-waste collectors often lack the necessary education and training to properly manage the collection process and materials recovery. Thus, UNDP and in Partner- ship with the government of Jordan through Ministry of Environment and Secre- tariat of Basel Convention (SBC) initiated the End of life of computing equipment management and monitoring in action in Jordan, shortly referred to as "E-Waste Project".

* Improve collection and materials recovery practices in an environmentally sound manner in Jordan * Provide technical assistance to project team in developing the national capacities, technologies and skills in relation to e-waste management in Jordan * Assess and examine the existing e-waste materials regulatory frameworks related to eective control of the e-waste in Jordan including Environmental Sound Management (ESM) * Inuence decision makers on the gaps in laws and implementations (taking into consideration the Regulatory Impact Assessme

420 containers for e-waste collection were distributed in the kingdom to raise awareness Carried out a Schools lecture programme throughout the whole country Draft the instructions for the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Organisme mise en œuvre : Ministry of Environment

Financement : UNEP

Présentation : PNUD

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