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Participatory Strategic Planning for Balanced Spatial Development (SPAD) Egypt


Titre : Participatory Strategic Planning for Balanced Spatial Development (SPAD) Egypt

Pays : Egypt

Durée : January 2018 — December 2021

This project is built upon the results and outcomes of SPAD activities in previous years. The project’s overall goal is to enable and implement a balanced spatial development in Egypt. The spatial development will contribute in a decisive way to overcoming disparities and socio-economic imbalances between the different regions, governorates and urban centers to relieving population pressure on valuable land and water recourses, and to provide a strategic framework for priority investments

Résultats attendus
The expected project results are : * The preparation of the NSLUP, including defining a new set of priority area/projects, revisiting the regional administrative boundaries, disseminating the results through a collaborative and inclusive work platform, and participating in the formulation of implementable national urban policies ; * The development of the GIS enterprise to incorporate larger sets of data, applications and tools for geospatial analyses. The enterprise platform will be refined to enabling better networking and functionality under different operating system platforms. The GIS enterprise will support the NSLUP preparation, negotiation and dissemination. It will also support the other strategic plan preparation at the local (cities and villages) and governorates levels.

Organisme mise en œuvre : General Organizattion For Phys

Financement : United Nations Development Pro Egy-general Organizattion For Export And Import Control
Budget : $1,152,108

Présentation : PNUD

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