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Iraq Social Cohesion Programme


Titre : Iraq Social Cohesion Programme

Pays : Irak

Durée : 2020 – 2024

The Iraq Social Cohesion Programme (ISCP) aims to improve the enabling environment for peace and social cohesion throughout Iraq by addressing institutional frameworks, local mechanisms and actions, institutional and individual capacities, inter-group and state-citizen relations, and conflict-sensitive responses.

What we have achieved so far : * 87 religious leaders from different backgrounds including Shia and Sunni Muslims, Christians, and Yazidis participated in a virtual training aimed at enhancing the role of religious leaders in community coexistence and cohesion. * A Coexistence Network to foster dialogue, coexistence, and tolerance amongst targeted communities in Anbar, Baghdad, Erbil, and Ninewa was established with 25 religious leaders. Members include Sunni and Shia Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, Kakai, Bahai, Zardashti, and Sabean Mandean. * With support from the newly established Coexistence Network, sub-network hubs for religious leaders in a number of communities have also been established : 4 in Anbar, 2 in Baghdad, 6 in Erbil, and 6 in Ninewa. * 110 community members from different religious backgrounds participated in monthly training sessions to enhance their skills and knowledge regarding social cohesion, forgiveness, family violence and abuse against women at home and COVID-19 key public health messages.

Partenaires : The Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Region ; Civil Society

Présentation : PNUD

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