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Productivity and Urban Renewal in East Jerusalem (PURE)


Titre : Productivity and Urban Renewal in East Jerusalem (PURE)

Pays : Palestine

Durée : March 2015 // December 2020

The Programme aims at supporting the resilience of Palestinians residing in East Jerusalem by improving socio-economic conditions through the urban revitalization of two key commercial centres in the city namely Salah Eddin and Sultan Suleiman streets. The programme will also enhance economic development and foster private sector investments by tapping into tourism and commercial opportunities in East Jerusalem. The PURE programme will create an enabling environment for competitive and attractive commercial gateways, supporting productivity and social cohesion.

The Productivity and Urban Renewal in East Jerusalem Programme (PURE) is currently funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the European Union (EU) for the amount of USD 11 million. The Programme is mplemented by UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) in cooperation with the Islamic Waqf and the Arab Chamber of Commerce in East Jerusalem.

PURE will address the needs of the Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, the Arab Chamber of Commerce of Jerusalem, businessmen and the local population at large. Comprehensive technical studies (including town planning) for Sultan Suleiman and Salah Eddin streets will also be produced through the programme.

Over 120 commercial and 50 business activities will directly benefit from the project, in addition to 350-400 businessmen and workers. Approximately 16,000 work days will also be created throughout the programme. The programme will also increase awareness and provide legal support against restrictions, operating businesses, licensing, and finally ensure that Palestinians are included in the development of urban plans in East Jerusalem.

Organisme mise en œuvre : United Nations Development Programme

Financement : United Nations Development Pro Islamic Development Bank European Commission
Budget : $11,948,340

Présentation : PNUD

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