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Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in the Old City of Jerusalem


Titre : Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in the Old City of Jerusalem

Pays : Palestine

Durée : June 2013 // June 2018 Présentation
The project aims at the development, protection, conservation and restoration of Palestinian cultural heritage sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. The main activities include the rehabilitation of the Madrasa al-Kilaniya and relative housing units ; rehabilitation of the Hammam al Ayn and Hammam al Shifa ; and development of a business management plan and training in situ for maintenance and management of the revitalized sites. It will also enhance local capacities in conservation, rehabilitation and management of historic buildings and sites, as well as provide short and medium job opportunities to young professionals.

The project will also contribute towards raising awareness of the local community on the importance of the cultural heritage sites in the old city of East Jerusalem by providing them with restored public spaces. In addition, the project will improve the living conditions, hygiene standards and environmental conditions in the old city through the rehabilitation of some public spaces, and socio-economic conditions of old city residents by providing tourist services and adequate housing in buildings.

Partenaires : Al Quds University, Islamic Waqf

Organisme mise en œuvre : United Nations Development Programme

Financement : United Nations Development Pro European Commission
Budget : $4,712,547

Présentation : PNUD

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