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Facilitating Access to Infrastructure Resilience in Area C and East Jerusalem (FAIR)


Titre : Facilitating Access to Infrastructure Resilience in Area C and East Jerusalem (FAIR)

Pays : Palestine

Durée : July 2013 // December 2020

The FAIR programme is a multi-donor platform which aims to empower and strengthen national institutions to plan and deliver essential public and social Infrastructure in Area C and East Jerusalem through providing increased access to sustainable, equitable and affordable infrastructure. The programme, implemented jointly by the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) and UNDP, will focus on health, education, housing, cultural heritage, energy, transportation, water and wastewater and consequently, will increase communities’ resilience, improve livelihoods and safeguard their existence.

The programme provides several mechanisms for implementation, including the provision of innovative, alternative and sustainable solutions, while also delivering construction and rehabilitation activities.

The programme structure includes all essential components that contribute to achieving the ultimate outcome (sustainability, equitability with special focus on marginalized communities and minorities, gender, and environment). The FAIR programme targets approximately one million people living in Area C and East Jerusalem, generating over 62,000 workdays. The activities in both East Jerusalem and Area C are identified through on-going community needs assessments carried out by UNDP.

Under the Programme, special focus is given to marginalized communities and minorities (disaggregated by sex, age and geographical area). The Programme will directly benefit Palestinian women in the targeted communities who represent approximately 50% of the total population. Upon its completion, the programme has delivered remarkable results on the ground, positively contributed to enhancing the lives of many Palestinians, through a series of nationally selected intervention priorities in social, public and economic services, emanating from the programme guiding principles and its objectives.

Partenaires : Multi parners and donors platform – Bahrain, Norway,Italy, OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), State of Palestine

Organisme mise en œuvre :

Financement : Opec Fund For International Development United Nations Development Pro State Of Palestine Government Of Norway Italian Ministry For Foreign Affairs Royal Charity Organization Kingdom Of Bahrain
Budget : $23,456,807

Présentation : PNUD

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