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Support to the Education System of Afghanistan



Titre : Support to the Education System of Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Secteur  : Education

Date d’approbation : 10.03.2015

This project was part of a 3-year program, which started in 2014 and aimed at improving the quality of education (from grades 1 to 12) and learning environment in Afghanistan. The project directly benefited over 600 teachers and 65,000 students enrolled in 32 schools. The project was completed and the overall assessment of its implementation was highly satisfactory. General objective of the project was improving quality of education in 4 provinces of Afghanistan, through pedagogical activities, equipment and constructions It supported active pedagogy in Afghan schools. In order to enhance the academic and pedagogical level of teachers in our 4 target areas (Kabul, Charikar, Djalalabad and Waras district), AFRANE organizes long training on Mathematics, Dari and Pashto for new teachers and refreshing or thematic sessions for teachers already trained. These sessions are meant to encourage pedagogical activities that include the children in the learning process : 1) 19 long training sessions and 41 short modules delivered to 1205 teachers. 2) 50% of teachers (604) observed in classes. Average mark upgrading from 27/100 to 68/100. 3) 391 pedagogical kits distributed for mathematics, Dari and Pashto 4) Two 2-months training organized for teachers from rural areas (97 teachers joining each training) It reinforced practical learning of sciences through experiment. Practical learning of sciences is part of the official curriculum, but most schools are deprived of laboratory and teachers lack of knowledge on this matter. During the past two years,

Loan Administrator : OPEC Fund for International Development
Organisation : AFRANE

Informations financières
OPEC Fund Contribution (US$m) : 0.40


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