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South Helwan Power Plant Project (Egypt)



Titre : South Helwan Power Plant Project (Egypt)

Pays : Egypte

Secteur  : Energy

Date d’approbation : 13.06.2013

Aims of the project are to improve the delivery of electricity through the expansion of the Helwan power plant. This will benefit households, agricultural workers, businesses and industries, and in turn, help create jobs and boost the economy. Works will include the installation of three 650 MW (1,950MW) steam turbine generation units, boiler, and transformers, in addition to civil works and the necessary auxiliaries. The project is in line with Government’s goal of increasing Egypt’s power generation capacity in order to meet growing demands. The new infrastructure will be connected to the national grid, thereby increasing the country’s total power generation capacity. This would help alleviate of the power shortages, thus overcoming one of the main constraints to the country’s socio-economic development.

Loan Administrator : OPEC Fund
Agence d’exécution : Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC)
Co-financement : AFESD, ISDB, KFAED, EBRD, The Government

Informations financières
OPEC Fund Contribution (US$m) : 70.00
Total Project Cost (USDm) : 1,993.70


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