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Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (2021)

The Mechanism of GhWOX4 Regulating Drought Tolerance in Arabidopsis and Cotton

Muhammad Sajjad

Titre : The Mechanism of GhWOX4 Regulating Drought Tolerance in Arabidopsis and Cotton

Auteur : Muhammad Sajjad

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2021

Université : Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science

Résumé partiel
Cotton is a paramount cash crop around the globe with an interesting history,known for its unique fiber.Cotton possesses an exceptional role in the world economy.Being a biggest source of natural fiber,it also provides edible oil,protein meal and biofuel in a huge aggregate.Amid its life-span cotton experiences a lot of biotic as well as abiotic stresses(drought,salinity,high temperature etc.),that affect its growth and production.In global climate-change scenario among all abiotic stresses,drought is a leading cause of cotton growth and yield loss.Drought not only causes oxidative stress but also osmotic stress,that severely affects biochemical,physiological and morphological mechanisms.These changes trigger the protective measures in plants.The drought stress response is a complex phenomenon.To better understand this phenomenon,study at molecular level is more effective.The WUSCHEL Related homeobox(WOX)gene family is well known for its central role in plant growth and development.But there is not enough work available regarding the role of WOX genes in abiotic stress response.Alongside,the molecular link between drought stress and vascular growth and development is relatively uncharted.In present work,functional genomic study of GhWOX4 was performed,that belongs to WUS-clade of the WOX gene family.The primary structure of GhWOX4 protein showed high sequence and domain resemblance withWOX4 proteins of other plant species.To assess the protein structure and function based upon protein secondary structure,a protein structure and homology modeling analysis was executed.GhWOX4 protein was found out clasping helix-loop-helix-turn-helix structure and signature sequence of WUS-clade.On the basis of subcellular-localization assay GhWOX4 was detected to be localized in the nucleus.Here,validated a crucial role of GhWOX4,a transcription factor,modulating drought stress tolerance with that of vasculature growth in cotton.Knock-down of GhWOX4 decreased the stem width and severely compromised vascular growth and drought tolerance in cotton.The proline,chlorophyll and relative water contents(RWC)were significantly declined,while electrolyte leakage(EL %)and malondialdehyde(MDA)contents were increased in VIGS(virus induced gene silencing)plants.On the other hand,GhWOX4-gene was transferred to Arabidopsis,this ectopic expression enhanced the tolerance to drought stress.The proline,RWC % and survival-rate were higher,but EL %,(water loss)WL % and MDA contents were decreased in transgenic lines as compared to wild type(WT)plants.Overexpression of GhWOX4 in Arabidopsis increased the stem width proving that GhWOX4 may positively regulates the vascular growth and plant development

Mots clés : Knock-down ;Vasculature;TFs ;WOX;Phytohormone ;Promotor-zone ;RNA-seq ;

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Page publiée le 12 novembre 2021