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Support for Access to Basic Health in Iraq


Bureau des Nations Unies pour les services d’appui aux projets (UNOPS)

Titre : Support for Access to Basic Health in Iraq

Pays : Irak

Durée : 25-Dec-2019 to 31-Mar-2024

The impact of the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) across Iraq, and the resulting humanitarian crisis, in conjunction with falling oil prices, have presented significant challenges for the Government of Iraq in the provision of basic services to the population. The health sector has been specifically affected by the crisis, whereby the demand on the services has continued, further exacerbating the existing challenges. Given the intensity of the current crisis and the resulting demand, there is now an urgent need to strengthen the capacity of the health sector, especially with respect to provision of critical equipment. The Project aims at improving the provision of effective medical care services, especially in areas affected by the crisis. The Project output is an enhanced operational capacity of the Ministry of Health & Environment, through the procurement of medical equipment for two hospitals & health centres. In consultation and partnership with the Ministry of Health & Environment, UNOPS will act as the direct implementer of this project. UNOPS is responsible for : -Technical assistance to write specifications for the equipment -Procurement and installation of medical equipment -Delivery according to a delivery plan agreed with Ministry of Health & Environment -Project management services (including planning, time management, resource management) -Site visits for monitoring and quality assurance -Handover

Financement : World Bank
Budget : US$ 5,000,000

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

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