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Tawila Dam Rehabilitation (Sudan)


Bureau des Nations Unies pour les services d’appui aux projets (UNOPS)

Titre : Tawila Dam Rehabilitation (Sudan)

Pays : Sudan

Durée : 24-Sep-2013 to 30-Aug-2024

This project aims to rehabilitate Tawila Dam in North Darfur, which is a major surface water source to local IDPs and their livelihood activities. Tawila has a population of more than 50,000 people, predominantly IDPs. The dam was constructed in 1954 by the State Water Corporation and is located about 70 km West of El Fasher, near Tawila Township. A key feature of the dam is an earthen embankment (1.8km long) across the wadi, with two spillway structures. As per the State Water Corporation sources, the design capacity of the reservoir is 300,000 cubic metres, however it has lost a significant amount of storage volume due to silt accumulation. As a result, the dam is no longer able to retain wadi flow during the wet season. The loss of dam water storage capacity has reduced the potential for groundwater recharge ; this negatively impacted on the access to water of surrounding communities increasing the potential for water related conflicts. The surrounding communities are experiencing increased hardship in living conditions and reduced income generation from agricultural activities. The State Government has indicated that Tawila is one of their key focus areas for the settlement of voluntary returnees. So far, the lack of water has heavily undermined the number of voluntary returns to the area. The first stage of the programme comprised of two initial social, environmental and sustainability impact assessments, namely assessing the potential rehabilitations of Haluf Dam and Tawila Dam respectively. Based on the findings of these assessments, USAID committed to funding of one of the proposed dam rehabilitations.

Financement : United States of America (USA)

Budget : US$ 140,350

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

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