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Recovering from Conflict : Integrated Support for Most Vulnerable Communities in South Kordofan


Bureau des Nations Unies pour les services d’appui aux projets (UNOPS)

Titre : Recovering from Conflict : Integrated Support for Most Vulnerable Communities in South Kordofan

Pays : Soudan

Durée : 01-Feb-2020 to 31-Jan-2024

Sudan’s South Kordofan state has been the center of armed conflict between the Government of Sudan and opposition groups in the past decades. Due to the series of armed conflict, the state has struggled with poverty and the lack of basic services ; the humanitarian situation has gotten worse with the influx of a large number of internally displaced persons. With the recent political development, the state has a potential to restore peace and stability, nevertheless requiring a comprehensive approach to address most urgent challenges facing its population. This programme is designed to address insecurities of vulnerable communities of Abu Kershola and Dallami localities of South Kordofan State of Sudan, who were most severely affected by the conflicts and following mass displacement and large numbers of returnees. The programme will utilize a multi-sectoral human security approach to address the most urgent humanitarian needs while paving pre-conditions for development through strengthening the access to basic services and WASH, livelihood systems, education, and protection measures, after removing landmines and Explosive Remnants of War in and around the community. The effectiveness and sustainability of the programme will be enhanced by adopting and mainstreaming the human security approach. UNOPS intervention will be on improvement of access roads through rehabilitation of deteriorated sections of the roads and rehabilitation/construction of road drainage structures at selected choke points that represent bottlenecks on selected roads of the below. 1. Dalami – Kurtala – Habila – Dellinge road, 108.5 km in length, that serves as the only access of Dalami locality to the asphalt road that connects it to Kadugli the State capital and El Obeid in North Kordofan State which serves as a hub for health, education, industry and markets for both locally produced crops and imported commodities. 2. Abu Kershola – Sidra – El Rahad road, 72 km in length, that also serves as the only means of access to the locality to both Kadugli, El Obied and Khartoum. Furthermore, the project will advocate for the establishment of Community Development Councils to ensure sustainability and ownership of the road infrastructure by engaging them during the implementation phase and train them for maintenance after completion and operation. Local contractors will be employed for the detailed assessment and rehabilitation work to address the crossing points as well as directly employing local labourers and community members as needed.

Financement : UNTFHS United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security

Budget : US$ 254,928

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

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