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Xi’an University of Technology (2021)

Study on the Hydrochemical Characteristics of Changhe River Basin and the Law of SO42- Migration in Shallow Groundwater


Titre : Study on the Hydrochemical Characteristics of Changhe River Basin and the Law of SO42- Migration in Shallow Groundwater

Auteur : 延子轩

Grade : Master These 2021

Université : Xi’an University of Technology

Résumé partiel
The arid and semi-arid region in northern China is one of the regions with the most shortage of water resources,and the economic development of China is severely restricted by water resources.In recent years,due to the influence of human activities such as drought climate,decreasing rainfall,increasing groundwater exploitation and coal mining,the water supply,diameter,discharge conditions,water quality and hydrochemical characteristics of water resources in the basin have changed significantly,leading to a series of environmental problems.Therefore,it is significant to analyze the water quality evolution characteristics and hydrogeochemical process in arid and semi-arid regions.This study by jincheng long river basin as the study area,combining with the hydrogeological conditions in the study area and the effects of coal mining,with shallow groundwater and river water chemical evolution relationship as the main line,is a typical with SO42-diffusion law,comprehensive,water chemical analysis and numerical simulation method using multivariate statistical methods,explore the study area,surface water and groundwater hydrogeochemical processThe aim is to reveal the hydrochemical characteristics and evolution law of the Changhe River Basin comprehensively.By clarifying the law of SO42-migration in shallow groundwater,the paper reveals the quantitative transformation relationship of SO42-in shallow groundwater in the study area,and provides a scientific basis for the protection of water resources in the study area.The main research contents and results are as follows :(1)Through the stationing sampling to test the water quality analysis in the study area,the results show that the period of large coal mines in the study area,surface water SO42-.concentration of ammonia nitrogen and heavy metal material will increase,at the same time,the plentiful water and under the influence of coal mining activities,large shallow groundwater in the soluble solid(TDS)and SO42-concentration showed a trend of rising ;Single factor index method and PCA-RSR method were used to evaluate the water quality of surface water and shallow groundwater respectively.The surface water quality evaluation results were poor V,and all indexes exceeded the standard to a certain extent.The heavy metal content in the densely concentrated coal mining plant reaches seriously exceeded the standard.The water quality evaluation results of shallow groundwater are mainly III and Fe type water,while the water quality evaluation results of middle-upstream mining concentration area and downstream chemical plant distribution area are Aisu type water,and the main pollutants are TDS and sulfate.(2)Analyze the hydrogeochemical characteristics of surface water and groundwater from the perspective of time in three periods of abundant and low water:In surface water,pH and TDS showed a difference along the path.According to the correlation analysis,TDS had a significant positive correlation with Na-,K+,SO42-,HCO3-and Cl-,and the highest correlation was HCO3-and TDS,with the correlation coefficient up to 0.96,indicating that HCO3-was the main source of TDS in surface water.HCO3-is correlated with Na+ and K+ ions,indicating that HCO3-ions originate from carbonate.While SO42-is not related to Ca2+,gypsum is not the main source of SO42-,SO42-comes from the outside.According to the results of hydration analysis,the hydrochemical type of surface water is HCO3-Mg,which is mainly controlled by rock weathering

Mots clés : Water quality evaluation ;water chemistry characteristics ;shallow groundwater ;solute transport ;coal mining area ;

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