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Sols fertiles pour l’agriculture périurbaine à Hyderabad (Inde)


Institut de recherche de l’agriculture biologique (FiBL)

Titre : Sols fertiles pour l’agriculture périurbaine à Hyderabad (Inde)

Pays : Inde

Code : 65084

Dates : Début du projet 01.01.2011 // Fin du projet 31.12.2013

Résumé _ Recent developments in urbanization have brought new attention to peri-urban agriculture as a livelihood strategy of urban dwellers. The main driving forces to become engaged in peri-urban agriculture are food security and income generation. However, besides the production of food, peri-urban agriculture is important for public health and sustainable resource management. Latter implies a more efficient use of resources, including a reduction and reuse of waste flows whenever possible. Closing the nutrient loop in the urban and peri-urban environment by reusing the so called waste as fertilisers in peri-urban agriculture is an option to the prevalent open-loop and linear urban systems. The project aims at (i) providing innovative business opportunities to small-scale enterprises (including farmers) in collection, treatment, marketing and reuse of organic waste and crop products and (ii) demonstrating the benefits of organic waste reuse in peri-urban agriculture.

Présentation : FiBL

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