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Inner Mongolia University (2021)

Study on the Management Model of Family Ranch in Inner Mongolia Grassland


Titre : Study on the Management Model of Family Ranch in Inner Mongolia Grassland

Auteur : 吴孔佳

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Inner Mongolia University

The Inner Mongolia grassland located in the north of my country is an important production base for animal husbandry and an ecological environmental barrier.The quality of its environment directly affects the development of animal husbandry and the country’s ecological security.With the rapid development of animal husbandry in the new century,grassland resources have been severely damaged,grass-livestock imbalances,and grassland productivity have declined.It is imperative to explore a family ranch business model suitable for the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.This paper takes the Xilin Gol grassland as the research area,investigates the specific operating conditions of family ranches in four animal husbandry banners(cities),selects typical herdsmen for case analysis,studies the income and expenditure status of their business models,and selects operations with better benefits.Model ;and based on the study of the family ranch management model of the Xilin Gol grassland,the Hulunbeier grassland and the Aluhorqin Banner grassland were selected for horizontal comparison,and the analytic hierarchy process was used to establish a comprehensive evaluation index system for the family ranch management model.The economic,social,and ecological benefits of the model are analyzed,and the best management model for this type of grassland is explored.Through research,it is found that :(1)The results of the questionnaire analysis of the four banners(cities)of animal husbandry in 2019 show that Dongzhumuqin Banner is located in the meadow grassland area,with a large area of natural grassland and a large amount of grass production.It is based on traditional animal husbandry.Mainly,economic income is the highest ;Xilinhot City and Xianghuang Banner are located in typical grassland areas with convenient transportation conditions.In addition to animal husbandry,family pastures can also develop grassland eco-tourism and other industries to increase income.The overall income is at a relatively high level ;The desert grassland area of Sunite Zuoqi has low productivity,poor forage resources,remote location,small family pasture,single source of income,and the lowest income level.(2)After analyzing and researching the typical family ranch business model of the Four Banners(cities)of animal husbandry,it is concluded that the family ranch of Dongwuzhumuqin Banner is a seasonal grazing + house-raising business model,while Xilinhot City and Xianghuang Banner are With a business model of animal husbandry + tourism + dairy product sales,Sunit Zuoqi is a business model of animal husbandry + planting + herders’ cooperatives.Through comparative analysis,it is believed that the combined benefits of animal husbandry + tourism + dairy product sales in Xilinhot and Xianghuangqi are the best.(3)Using the analytic hierarchy process to conduct a horizontal comparison study on the Xilin Gol grassland,Hulunbuir grassland and Aluhorqin Banner grassland.The analysis shows that seasonal grazing + house-raising is used in meadow grassland areas,and animal husbandry is used in typical grassland areas.+Tourism + Dairy products sales two business models,the overall benefits are the best.

Mots clés : Inner Mongolia Grassland ;family ranch ;management model ;three major benefits ;

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Page publiée le 27 octobre 2021