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Itulu Primary School (Kenya)


Titre : Itulu Primary School (Kenya)

Pays : Kenya

Date : 2021

Project Type : Dug Well and Hand Pump
Program : Southeastern Kenya WaSH Program

The 113 students at the school must report to school by 6:30 am with a jerrycan of water. The school lacks a good source of clean water for the school population. The school currently depends on pupils and parents bringing water to school for all of the school’s water needs, including cooking and drinking. The school has had cases of waterborne and water-related diseases reported amongst students, such as amoeba and typhoid. This is associated with consuming water from open river sources and from other, unknown sources. Teachers cannot monitor where pupils get their water before school, hence the varied, unsafe, and unknown sources. Students are burdened with carrying water to school, affecting their overall concentration and performance in academic activities. Construction activities at the school have been expensive because of the cost of purchasing water since it is not available within the school. Additionally, the state of hygiene and sanitation is inadequate because the latrines are never cleaned due to a lack of water.

We will build a 104,000-liter rain tank for this school, making the others look tiny in comparison. Because of how rarely it rains in Southeastern Kenya, this tank’s large volume is designed to store as much water as possible during the seasonal rains, making more water available through the dry months. This water will benefit the students, teachers, and additional staff. Parents will mobilize the materials needed for construction, including sand, stones, and water. They will also lend their strength and time to help with the construction. We will complement their materials with a skilled artisan to lead the project and provide the tools, lumber, metal, cement, and gutter system. As soon as the tank has time to cure, it can begin collecting rainwater for the school’s use.

The Water Project

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