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Nzoila Secondary School (Kenya)


Titre : Nzoila Secondary School (Kenya)

Pays : Kenya

Date : 2021

Project Type : Rainwater Catchment
Program : Southeastern Kenya WaSH Program

Nzoila Secondary School was established in 2008 by the community members with the support of the Africa Inland Church. They formed the school to allow the students to transition from Nzoila Primary School to a secondary school closer to home to reduce school dropouts. The growth of the school has been steered by the support of the parents and the government.
The school encounters many challenges, especially related to water access. The water storage facilities are unable to hold a sufficient water supply for the 145 students. The tanks at the school are leaking and are only big enough to store water for a month. Afterward, the school has to purchase water from boozer companies, which is costly and hinders the school from investing in improvements and growth.
The water brought by the boozer companies and contracted parents is often drawn from uncertain water sources. This is risky as it may expose the students to contracting waterborne diseases. Students, at times, complain about stomachaches, typhoid, and diarrhea cases. These waterborne illnesses result in absenteeism and, at times, insufficient concentration levels, which may lead to poor academic performance.

We will build a 104,000-liter rain tank for this school, making the others look tiny in comparison. Because of how rarely it rains in Southeastern Kenya, this tank’s large volume is designed to store as much water as possible during the seasonal rains, making more water available through the dry months. This water will benefit the students, teachers, and additional staff. Parents will mobilize the materials needed for construction, including sand, stones, and water. They will also lend their strength and time to help with the construction. We will complement their materials with a skilled artisan to lead the project and provide the tools, lumber, metal, cement, and gutter system. As soon as the tank has time to cure, it can begin collecting rainwater for the school’s use.

Impact : 145 Served

Contributors : Project Sponsor - StossWater

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