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Floating Green Filters in Kenya


Titre : Floating Green Filters in Kenya

Floating Green Filters to create green spaces and reclaim waste water

Pays/Région : Kenya

Dates (prévues) : Début/Fin 08-Jul-2017 // 31-Mar-2018

The Floating Green Filter (FGF) pilot project system is an advancement on constructed wetlands and will be implemented to showcase this technology as a comparison to existing sewer/wastewater treatment systems that are used in Kenya (primarily open lagoons). We will excavate lagoons and direct wastewater to the newly constructed lagoon, this wastewater will the go through a small screening system to eliminate solid materials (plastics etc) and fats and finally into the lagoons. Our system will then be installed on the new ponds using the agua floatation matrix and specially bred macrophytes. These plants when floated on water will passively aerate wastewater creating a perfect ecosystem for bacteria to thrive. Our technology enables these plants to float on water and in this manner we can purify water in a completely sustainable way.

This project will allow us to implement a system which will showcase this FGF technology to stakeholders, allow for further research and provide opportunities for training, innovation and up-scaling of the system. We will increase the capability of stakeholders to successfully apply treatment of wastewater, and for production and analysis of renewable resources from plants and related by-products. The adaptation of this technology will transform water management in Kenya by providing a viable and sustainable method for recycling the various volumes of wastewater being produced. This will reduce pressure on fresh water sources and drastically reduce pollution

Population cible  : • Property developers (those who are not attached to sewer systems, are interested in water reuse and have space available) • Hotels and lodges (this system can contribute towards green/eco ratings and act as a point of attraction) • Schools and universities (as an option for water reclamation for reuse and as part of a sanitation solution) • Factories and Food producers (as a cost cutting option for water reuse e.g. in construction, cooling boilers etc., meeting environmental discharge standards) • Government, municipalities as new systems, retrofits for upgrading, retrofits as cost saving measures. • Environmental restoration measures in contaminated water bodies.

Partenaire (s) : VIA Water - Funding partner Agua Kenya Limited - Implementing partner

Finance : 168,518 EUR

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