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eSOS Smart Toilet, Kenya - Prototype Development and Testing in Kenya


Titre : eSOS Smart Toilet, Kenya - Prototype Development and Testing in Kenya

Pays/Région : Kenya

Dates (prévues) : Début/Fin 01-Mar-2017 // 31-Dec-2018

eSOS Smart Toilet® makes an integral part of the eSOS (emergency Sanitation Operation System) concept developed in 2014 by IHE Delft and Prof. Brdjanovic and his team. With minor modifications the concept is equally applicable to regular situations, especially in urban and peri-urban areas exposed to challenging sanitary conditions. After successful testing of the eSOS experimental toilet in informal settlement in Tacloban City, Philippines (2015, Technology Readiness Level – TRL 5), agreement with Via Water and Agua for All has been reach to bring the eSOS Smart Toilet development to RTL 7 that will make the product closer to the ultimate goal of RTL 9 and commercial exploitation

The new eSOS Nairobi Pilot project includes (i) development, manufacturing, assembling and testing of the full-size prototype (3 units) in the Netherlands, (ii) shipping, installation and testing in real life conditions in Nairobi, and (iii) evaluation, feedback, outlook, sharing and dissemination of results and experiences. Implementing consortium consists of IHE Delft, FLEX / design B.V.,, and Sanergy. Arrangements between IHE Delft and individual consortium partners are already in place. The project is on schedule and the design phase is completed. In the coming months manufacturing of the toilet will take place.

Population cible  : Target group are inhabitants of the peri-urban location in Nairobi. The exact location is not determined yet.

Partenaire (s) : IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - Funding partner, Accountable partner Sanergy Ltd - Implementing partner VIA Water - Funding partner Flex/design - Implementing partner - Implementing partner

Finance : 235,000 EUR

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