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Map Action Bamako, Mali - interactive reporting on WASH issues


Titre : Map Action Bamako, Mali - interactive reporting on WASH issues

Pays/Région : Mali

Dates (prévues) : Début/Fin 01-Jul-2017 // 31-Dec-2018

There is a rapid deterioration of equipment and infrastructure due to the high pressure of their use. Indeed, it is observed that certain equipment such as public drinking water terminals and fountains are regularly subject to breakdowns or dysfunction due to their too frequent use by populations. This results in a deficiency in the distribution of drinking water in the city. The high rate of increase in Bamako also has consequences on the hygiene and sanitation of the city. With the increase of the population, whole zones or neighborhoods were created anarchically without urban policy, giving rise to habitations devoid of a system of evacuation. The government, unable to control this population explosion, is overwhelmed by serious problems of sanitation in urban areas. Government programs or private structures and NGOs exist but are often faced with a lack of information on the real-time situation of existing problems. This lack of information results in an inefficiency of actions because very poorly coordinated. The fact is that despite the existence of multiple programs in the field of water and sanitation, the problems are increasing

Map Action is an initiative that represents a concrete response to the problem of the lack of reliable information for the knowledge and management of WASH problems by making available to all a map of the city of Bamako which lists the problems in The Hygiene and Sanitation Sector. Map Action’s first innovation is citizen participation in the project. Map Action encourages citizen participation in reporting WASH problems, but also proposes solutions and recommendations to reduce or mitigate problems because they know the reality of their environment. The interactive map is accessible to everyone via the Internet and any citizen can be an active actor in the process of signaling and mitigating problems. The second innovation is the process and the methodology. Not only reporting problems, Map Action does a preliminary study evaluating the impact on humans and the environment and classifies the problems. The idea of Map Action emerged from the combination of several factors : 1) lack of up-to-date information in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene management ; 2) the difficulty for citizens to report to the organizations or authorities concerned the WASH problems they face in their environment ; 3) lack of coordination of the actions of the different actors

The main goal of the Map Action project is to gather data on WASH problems in Bamako and make them available for everyone. In order to achieve this they are several specific objectives such as : ⋅⋅* Allow citizens to report their WASH problems through a mobile application ⋅⋅* Make preliminary analysis of problems by identifying their impact and severity ⋅⋅* Improve the management of WASH problems in Bamako ⋅

Population cible  : The Map Action project will have a strong social impact and will directly affect the population who will be the beneficiaries of the activities. More specifically, the direct beneficiaries will be the structures, organizations, public / private enterprises, etc. working in the field of WASH, the populations of the Bamako district and finally the official urban and environmental management authorities of Bamako. ⋅⋅* Populations People will now be able to report rapidly and accurately the water, sanitation and hygiene problems they are facing. For instance, they will be able to locate and report perforated water pipes, a non-functional fountain post, an overflowing open channel, a difficult circulation of rainwater and flooding, etc. They will also be the primary beneficiaries when the competent authorities correct the problems they have reported. ⋅⋅* NGOs, private and semi/private companies NGOs and private or semi-private companies active in the WASH sector will all benefit from the information made available on the interactive map and gain a better understanding of the Bamako situation. Those who subscribe to the platform will receive an early warning about the types of specific problems they have selected.

Partenaires : Akvo Foundation - Extending partner VIA Water - Funding partner Kaicedra Consulting - Implementing partner Impact Hub Bamako - Implementing partner Aikio Corp. - Funding partner

Finance : 98,042 EUR

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