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Commission Européenne (CORDIS) 2021

Tunisian EURAXESS Network

Mobility Tunisia European

CORDIS (Service Communautaire d’Information sur la Recherche et le Développement) Commission Européenne

Titre : Tunisian EURAXESS Network

Code du projet : ID : 101035522

Durée : 1 June 2021 //31 May 2024

Tunisian EURAXESS Network or the TEN project is the initiative led by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to boost and encourage the mobility between Tunisia and the European Research Area (ERA). The objectives consist of enhancing the researchers’ mobilities between both zones. The EURAXESS portal, including the Tunisian national portal which will be developed during the project, will be the concentration point of all the news and useful information about the researcher’s mobility and career support that may be needed

. More specifically ; * - The outgoing researchers will be provided with all the information necessary in order to facilitate their mobility and their integration. * - The incoming researchers will also find information to help in their integration and will be supported by the EURAXESS Service Centres and EURAXESS Contact Points that will offer help and services all along with their stay in Tunisia. * - The non-mobile researchers will be able to find career development resources and will be able to exploit the partnering possibilities that the portal offers.

Thanks to the implementation of the project throughout three years in the shape of 5 work packages, all of the actors mentioned above will benefit from the TEN experience. They will be supported and accompanied by specialized skilled staff (WP3, WP4) in order to enhance their experience. They will also be constantly contacted during their mobilities to receive their feedback and provide a follow-up. The mobile and non-mobile researchers may benefit from the TEN portal where they can have access to different types of information (WP2). This information will also be available through dissemination and communication (WP5). These collaborations and projects are encouraged with the goal of reinforcing relations between Tunisia and other European Research Area (ERA) – and beyond and broadening the outreach of the EURAXESS networks.

Participants au projet

Coût total : € 200 000
Contribution UE : € 200 000


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