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Gansu Agricultural University (2021)

Effects of Mulching Method on Soil Properties,Seed Yield and Its Constituent Factors of Medicago Ruthenica in the Arid Area of Central Gansu


Titre : Effects of Mulching Method on Soil Properties,Seed Yield and Its Constituent Factors of Medicago Ruthenica in the Arid Area of Central Gansu

Auteur : 王玉霞

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Gansu Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
Medicago ruthenica,a perennial leguminous forage with high quality and has great application prospects in artificial grassland and natural grassland replanting.However,the seed yield of M.ruthenica is low.Longzhong arid area is a typical rain-fed agricultural economic zone.The annual precipitation varies greatly and is not evenly distributed.The annual rainfall is the most from July to September,which is not conducive to the growth and development of crops.In order to provide technical support for seed production of M.ruthenica in arid areas and similar areas in central Gansu,the best seed mulching methods was selected.Therefore,this experiment was conducted in the Anding District of Dingxi City on the Loess Plateau in the central Gansu Province for a period of 3 years(2017~2019),with parallel to the ground treatment as the control,film mulching on ridge and furrow,film mulching parallel to the ground,film straw onridge and furrow,film straw parallel to the ground,ridge and furrow and parallel to the ground 6 treatments,the physical and chemical properties of soil,enzyme activity,photosynthetic characteristics and morphological characteristics,performance and actual seed yield of M.ruthenica were perform statistical analysis of data.The results are as follows:1.The analysis of the data of the growth year and the second year of M.ruthenica showed that the mulching film Effectsively increased the soil temperature in arid areas.Different treatments had the greatest Effects on the temperature of 5 cm soil layer,and film mulching parallel to the ground treatment had the fastest warming Effects,while straw mulching had the worst warming Effects.Both mulching film and straw had a greater Effects on the water content of5~30 cm soil layer and had a higher water retention performance,but straw mulching had a better Effects in long-term mulching treatment.2.Compared with parallel to the ground treatment,the soil nutrient and soil enzyme activities of plastic film mulching increased.With the increase of growing years and soil depth,the soil nutrient content and enzyme activities of all treatments showed a decreasing trend,and the soil enzyme activities in the second and third years of M.ruthenica growth had the greatest impact on the 0~10 cm soil layer.Straw mulching greatly improved the soil microenvironment in shallow soil layer,increased soil porosity,and soil bulk density and compactness,followed by film mulching.3.The Effects of different treatments on the contents of soil organic matter,total phosphorus,total potassium,alkaline hydrolysis nitrogen,available phosphorus,available potassium,and the activities of soil urease,sucrase,alkaline phosphatase,cellulase and catalase in 0~10 cm soil layer were all extremely significant.The Effects of different treatments on the bulk density and porosity of the 0~20 cm soil layer are extremely significant,and the Effects on the compactness of the 0~10 cm soil layer are extremely significant.4.The Pn,Gs,Trand WUE of M.ruthenica were increased by ridge and furrow treatment,straw mulching and plastic film mulching compared with parallel to the ground treatment,and the Effects of plastic film mulching was the best,followed by straw mulching,However,all treatments reduced the intercellular CO2concentration of M.ruthenica leaves.5.The pod number per inflorescence,seed number per pod and the thousand-seed weight of M.ruthenica in the first and second years of growth were significantly higher under mulching than straw mulching and no mulching,and the plastic film and straw mulching treatments were significantly higher in the third year parallel to the ground treatment.

Mots clés : mulching method ;arid area in central Gansu ;Medicago ruthenica ;soil physical properties ;soil chemical properties ;soil enzyme activity ;seed yield ;

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