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Shanxi University (2021)

Evaluation of Ecological Benefits of Deserticulture Based on Ecosystem Service Value ——Take the Potato Planting Base in Horqin Sandy Land as an Example


Titre : Evaluation of Ecological Benefits of Deserticulture Based on Ecosystem Service Value ——Take the Potato Planting Base in Horqin Sandy Land as an Example

Auteur : 张晓琴

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Shanxi University

Résumé partiel
Deserticulture is referred to as "The Sixth Industrial Revolution",which refers to a highly knowledge-intensive modern agricultural industry that takes full advantage of the deserts and Gobi areas such as sunshine and temperature differences to promote the use of water-saving technologies.At present,China’s economy has entered a stage of high-quality development.It is necessary to attach importance to economic development on the basis of ecological protection and restoration,and promote a green,efficient,and shared economic development method.Deserticulture has achieved this by changing controllable factors to efficiently use the resources in the sand area.The dual contribution of ecological restoration and economic development is not only a powerful promoter of economic development in sandy areas,but also an important ecological barrier function.It plays a vital role in local ecological conservation,economic coordination,population,and social and cultural development.An important driving factor for ecological protection and high-quality economic development.Deserticulture is a high-knowledge-intensive modern agricultural industry in the desert area.It has strong practicality and distinctive regional characteristics.It mainly produces agricultural products and exerts its ecological service functions.Agricultural products can be directly exchanged in the market to reflect their value,but the ecological services they provide such as windbreak and sand fixation,soil fertility,carbon fixation and oxygen release,water conservation,environmental pollution,and water consumption are non-competitive and non-exclusive.It is difficult to directly use economics to calculate value,so it is often ignored in management and planning.However,there are also a small number of scholars who have calculated the ecological benefits of the industries in the sandy area.For example,Song Zhengwei’s ecological value of the grape industry on the eastern foot of Helan Mountain is 3.598 billion yuan,of which the ecological benefit is 1.398 billion yuan.The research results promoted the grape industry in Ningxia.Vigorous development.The soil texture in the arid and semi-arid areas of northern my country is mostly sandy,while potatoes are mostly planted in sandy soils,which have strong drought-tolerant and adaptable growth characteristics.Compared with traditional corn planting,they require less water and have a short growth period,per acre.The production value is higher,so it is widely planted in the Mu Us sandy land in Yulin,the Ulan Buhe sandy land in Inner Mongolia and the Horqin sandy land.Therefore,the ecosystem service value assessment of the potato-based Deserticulture is carried out for the expansion of Deserticulture in the sandy area.It is of great significance to become a research demonstration base for desertification prevention and control.The large-scale planting of potatoes on sandy land has a huge value of ecological services that is easily overlooked in addition to the benefits of products.Therefore,this article is based on the ecosystem service function,referring to the evaluation system of desert ecosystems and farmland ecosystems,and establishes a system based on ecosystem services.A valuable evaluation system for the ecological benefits of Deserticulture.The evaluation indicators include the positive effects of product provision,windbreak and sand fixation,soil fertility,carbon fixation,oxygen release,and water conservation,as well as the negative effects of environmental pollution and water consumption

Mots clés : Deserticulture ;Ecosystem service value ;Potato planting ;Ecological benefit evaluation ;

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