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Niger Country Strategic Plan (Diffa Refugees)


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Titre : Niger Country Strategic Plan (Diffa Refugees)

Pays /Région : Niger
Localisation : Ngourti Diffa Maine Soroa Bosso Goudoumaria Nguigmi

Code projet : HNER20-FSC ;RR-162417-2

Durée : 29/12/2019 – 29/12/2020

The Niger is a land-locked, low-income Sahelian country with an estimated population of 21.5 million. At 3.9 percent, annual demographic growth is among the highest in the world ; the Niger’s population doubles every 20 years and the country currently has the world’s highest fertility rate, with 7.2 births per woman. Around 45 percent live in poverty nationally, and 52.4 percent in rural areas, where 96 percent of the Niger’s poor people live. The Niger ranked lowest of the 189 countries on the 2018 Human Development Index. Life expectancy is 61.5 years for women and 59.4 years for men ; the maternal mortality rate is 553 deaths per 100,000 live births and the mortality rate for children under 5 is 91.3 per 1,000 live births. Significant gender inequalities exist, and women record consistently lower indicators for health, education, income, employment and political participation. HIV prevalence is 0.4 percent. Conflict and political instability in neighbouring countries combined with increased climate shocks spark humanitarian need and hamper development gains, exacerbating migration. In the Diffa region, about 250,000 people (of which 118,868 are Nigerian refugees) have been displaced since 2014 by the Lake Chad Basin crisis. This project aims at adressing the food security needs of the refugee population in Diffa.

Crisis affected populations including refugees, IDPs, host communities and returnees in targeted areas are able to meet their basic food and nutrition needs during and in the aftermath of a crisis. This category of emergency assistance in WFP’s Country Strategic Plan allows WFP to intervene in contexts of protracted crisis such as the Diffa refugee crisis.

Organisation (s) : World Food Programme
Partenaires de mise en oeuvre : Acted, DRC, SP, VND Nur, APBE, Karkara

Financement : 52,517,263 $

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