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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2020


Brackish Water Condensation Irrigation

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture


Identification : 1024274

Pays : Etats Unis

Durée : START : 01 SEP 2020 TERM : 31 AUG 2022

The agricultural sector is the largest freshwater consumer in the US and is significantly affected by freshwater supplies.However, there are areas that are significantly limited by access to freshwater, especially in the western part of the country. The search for new freshwater resources has led to the investigation of seawater desalination processes and the desalination of inland brackish groundwater to irrigate crops.Given the lack of freshwater resources and competition from other sectors such as thermoelectric power generation, the need for irrigation is frequently fulfilled by additional marginal quality water such as brackish groundwater, wastewater, drainage water, and even seawater in some areas. Depending on the salinity tolerance of specific crops, different amounts of the marginal quality water can be blended with freshwater for irrigation.The increased salinity caninduce farmland degradation. To address the water crisis, freshwater needs to be produced from brackish water or seawater and supplied as the major water source for farmland irrigation. Unfortunately, the cost of desalinated water by current technologies is far from affordable for agriculturalapplications.This project proposes to develop a low-cost irrigation system to desalinate brackish water using a solar-thermal process to provide affordable freshwater to depleted agricultural regions for high-value crop yield. Prototypes will be fabricated and installed at different sites in California with specific high-value crops to measure crop growth, yield, water usage, and energy savings. ACT will engage with the proposed stakeholders in the irrigation market to dessiminate results and develop the technology to an acceptable technology readiness level for adoption. The project aims to achieve a functional brackish water desalination product that is capable of saving energy and capital costs compared to conventional irrigation systems. With this development, society would benefit with a new technology that enables the use of previously unusable brackish water toirrigate farmland in freshwater-starved regions.

Financement total : $599,949

Investigator : Hoenig, S. H.

Présentation : USDA (NIFA)

Page publiée le 27 novembre 2021