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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2018

Salinity and Drought Stress Tolerance Mechanisms in Plants

Plants Salinity Drought

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Titre : Salinity and Drought Stress Tolerance Mechanisms in Plants

Identification : 2036-13210-012-03-S

Pays : Etats Unis

Durée : Start Date : Sep 10, 2018 // End Date : Aug 31, 2022

Location : Agricultural Water Efficiency and Salinity Research Unit : Riverside, CA

Determine similarities and differences in morphological, physiological and biochemical responses during drought and salinity stresses in plants. 2). Identify and characterize genes involved in drought and salinity tolerance

Multiple varieties/genotypes/lines of high value crops will be evaluated in greenhouse or field studies for different abiotic stresses. For salinity, irrigation water of mixed ion compositions with different salinity (electoral conductivity) levels (based on the crop) will be used and for drought, amount of irrigation water will be regulated. Data will be obtained for various morphological, physiological and biochemical characters and a link will be established between evaluated traits and genetic determinants. Once genes involved in abiotic stresses are identified and characterized, they will be functionally validated. The data will be used to develop biochemical and molecular markers for stress tolerance. In addition, tolerant genotypes will be identified that can be utilized by breeders to develop drought and salt tolerant varieties.

Présentation : USDA (ARS)

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