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Post-Fire Wind Erosion in the Great Basin

Post-Fire Wind Erosion in the Great Basin

Post-Fire Wind Erosion

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Titre : Post-Fire Wind Erosion in the Great Basin

Identification : 2060-13610-003-20-S

Pays : Etats Unis

Durée : Start Date : Sep 15, 2018 // End Date : Sep 15, 2023

PLocation : Great Basin Rangelands Research : Reno, NV

Despite the potential negative impacts of post-fire wind erosion, there is surprisingly little scientific information available to guide post-fire rehabilitation aimed at stabilizing soil and assisting vegetation recovery. The loss of soil and soil-borne nutrients due to wind erosion 1) limits rehabilitation potential, forage production, and sage-grouse habitat, 2) causes human health issues, and 3) can decrease visibility causing vehicle accidents and human fatalities. The Cooperatore will assist the ARS by 1) deploying post-fire wind erosion equipment on new wildfires, and 2) establishing a wind erosion monitoring site to better inform and promote post-fire land management decisions in the Great Basin and Mojave deserts in Nevada. The wind erosion monitoring sites are part of the interagency National Wind Erosion Research Network. This network has three general aims : (1) provide data to support understanding of wind erosion rates across land use and land cover types and for different management practices, (2) support the development of an all-lands wind erosion model as a decision support tool for managing wind erosion and its impacts, and (3) encourage collaboration between the Network and research community in addressing these research challenges.

Présentation : USDA (ARS)

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