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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2021

Facilitating Water Adaptation in the Arid West

Water Adaptation Arid

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Titre : Facilitating Water Adaptation in the Arid West

Identification : 3050-12610-001-013-A

Pays : Etats Unis

Durée : Start Date : Jul 1, 2021 // Date : Feb 8, 2023

Partenaire : Range Management Research Las Cruces NM

Conduct an in-depth literature review and catalog water transaction information to describe water market and water adaptation efforts. Approche
The Cooperator will assist with expanding climate resilience in the Southwest by 1. Working with project scientists to conduct and publish an extensive literature review highlighting novel approaches to enhance water use efficiency and productivity including but not limited to sensor technologies, irrigation application systems, water management practices, cropping and system design efficiencies, water banks, groundwater storage, economically viable water transfers. 2. Co-hosting listening sessions and conversations with irrigation districts, water masters, water resource research institutes and others to augment the literature review with other novel examples of water adaptation efforts and inform tool development (i.e. ensure that the tool provides information water adaptation professionals require). 3. Scoping a prototype geospatial decision support tool (WATR). The tool will highlight key insights from the literature review and from ongoing USDA programs related to agriculture including water transactions, water banks and groundwater recharge efforts with the goal of providing a platform for knowledge transfer to foster future resilience. 4. Share WATR with the professional water management community via to garner feedback and modify, as needed.

Présentation : USDA (ARS)

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