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New Mexico State University (2020)

Planning for a Greener Las Cruces

Castillo, John

Titre : Planning for a Greener Las Cruces

Auteur : Castillo, John

Université de soutenance : New Mexico State University

Grade : Master of Applied Geography (2020)

Urban areas are facing issues of urban growth from increased population and economic growth, which has gradually led to the decline of natural and rural lands and impacts on ecosystems. The energy consumed and greenhouse gas emissions generated from urban areas are impacting our ecosystem, which is increasing awareness for sustainable development. The American Southwest has seen a surge of increased population causing leap-frog development, fragmenting the landscape and leading to numerous negative consequences that affect society, economic development, and the environment. A five-step hierarchical framework used in this study will increase green infrastructure in the City of Las Cruces. Elements of the framework will identify areas that need green infrastructure and increase overall green infrastructure for the City. In addition, it will explore water conservation management alternatives as the American Southwest faces increased water scarcity, water use, and water demand challenges. Finally, these elements in conjunction with City projects of sustainability will provide for a greener City of Las Cruces and promote the sustainable city.


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