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University of Manitoba (1990)

Population pressure in Kitui District, Kenya

Kisovi, Leonard Musyoka

Titre : Population pressure in Kitui District, Kenya.

Auteur : Kisovi, Leonard Musyoka

Université de soutenance : University of Manitoba, Canada

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1990

Population pressure is an international problem which is particularly significant in the developing countries. In many of these countries, problems of land fragmentation and subdivision, increased soil erosion, failing indigenous farming systems, declining food production, malnutrition and swelling flow of urban-bound migrants are widespread. This paper is about population pressure in Kitui District, Kenya. Kitui District provides a good example of an area where the overall population density is low but where symptoms of population pressure have now become quite conspicuous. The paper is based on empirical research which was conducted in 1989-1990 to investigate the magnitude of population pressure in the area. By using a carrying capacity model the paper demonstrates that Kitui District is now ’overpopulated’ and that many parts of the more climatically favourable areas have already surpassed their carrying capacities, although the arid and semi-arid ecological zones still have some room for settlement. The paper calls for increased effort in population control, appropriate farming techniques and increased environmental education

Mots clés : Population growth / Rural development / Desertification / Kitui District, Kenya


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