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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) 2020

Bioma caatinga - um olhar sobre o recorte territorial de Patos/PB

Alves, Telma Gomes Ribeiro

Titre : Bioma caatinga - um olhar sobre o recorte territorial de Patos/PB

Auteur : Alves, Telma Gomes Ribeiro

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)

Grade : Mestrado Profissional em Geografia 2020

School geography over the years has sought different didactic resources to facilitate the teaching and learning process at different levels of basic education, with textbooks standing out in this scenario. These are made available by the Ministry of Education (MEC) through the National Textbook Program (NTP) and have been the main teaching resource used by teachers and students in the public school system in Brazil. However, these books are produced on a national scale, therefore, they are unable to approach all content in a dense manner and appropriate to regional realities, especially when it comes to brazilian biomes. In this way, this research aims to produce a paradidactic material about the Caatinga Biome in the territorial section of Patos/PB, focused on the 7th year of Elementary School. The methodological was initially with the bibliographical survey of classic and also current works on the teaching of Geography, paradidactic books and the Caatinga Biome. Then, the content of the textbooks was analyzed and then the questionnaire applied to Geography teachers from the municipal public schools of Patos. As a main result of the research, was produced a textual material entitled Biome Caatinga - a look upon the territorial cutout of Patos/PB. This material can be used as a complement to the 7th grade textbook adopted in schools, as it will also be available in the virtual version for consultation by the general population. It is expected that this production will contribute to teaching in the perspective of Geographic Education and School Geography, that is, a content that has meaning for the student, as it deals with the local reality where their experiences occur, and for the improvement of pedagogical practices.

Mots Clés  : Ensino de Geografia ;Material paradidático ;Semiárido ;Paraíba


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