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Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH) 2021

Cooling Oasis

Rizvani, Lejla

Titre : Cooling Oasis

Auteur : Rizvani, Lejla

Université de soutenance : Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH)

Grade : Master of Architecture – Architecture 2021

The urban heat island, UHI, is a phenomenon that occurs in all cities. This phenomenon is an effect of us humans and the environments we have built. What happens in cities are that they re-emit the suns heat and other energies trapping them in this heat island.

The re-emitting happens through the pavement of the city, lack of greenery, roads and how the city is built and its geometry. Cities with skycrapers and of high density see a greater impact of the urban heat island where the wind flow is reduced and more heat is trapped and stored. The UHI is worst experienced in places with a very hot climate, such as the arid desert climate with extreme temperatures year round, like in the UAE and Dubai.

It is vital to tackle the UHI effect problem, because it puts people at danger. Many lives are shed each year due to heat strokes, that can be reduced if we take this problem into consideration when we design our cities. The UHI effect can be reduced by simple yet effective steps.

Mots Clés  : Dubai, UHI, UAE, heat, shade, cooling, factor, sun, desert, climate, temperature, vegetation


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